In my new 10-week creative expression program “Strings of Passion” – which officially goes on sale just after Christmas – I give you the tools to take any creative idea from the spark of impulse to the exhilarating moment of creative expression.

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I Use these Concepts Every Day

The 7 strings are the core principles I use in my own creative work from playing jazz to writing original music-theater works for harp and symphony orchestra.  The 7 strings of passion work together like the strings of a harp, arousing a creative resonance inside you – as if you were the instrument (you are!) — and that resonances infuses every creative expression you have.

There's a creative instrument inside you whether you're aware of it or not Share on X

This instrument is inside you, whether you’re aware of it or not.  If you’re not aware of it, it’s likely that it’s barely being played at all. As you develop a practice with it, its resonance enriches every part of your life – including your creative expression.

My 10-Week “Strings of Passion” program is all about developing a creative practice to enrich your inner resonance – PLUS very practical tools to apply that to your creative life.  The debut program in January 2017 is specifically focused on working with harp players — so if you play the harp, jump into the program right now.

What you learn in this program will change the emotional effectiveness of your playing and your experience of your own music forever.  While you will learn ‘brand new’ things for sure, what’s so powerful about “Strings of Passion” is the power and depth that it ignites in the things you can already play – but may not realize that you can, or may not know how to truly express with the full resonance of your creative expression.

The power of 'Strings of Passion' is the depth & richness it brings to your creative expression Share on X

The First of the 7 Strings is Impulse

The first string in the 7 strings of passion is the string of Impulse: the impulse to touch, to do, to reach, to sing – and it’s this impulse that begins our journey towards creative expression … or that gets inhibited, when we don’t know the steps to navigating that journey.

You learn about every one of the strings in an introductory “Strings of Passion” Webinar replay.

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