Enjoy this special holiday gift from my students and me.  This is Charlotte’s “Final-Beginning” project from Fall 2016 Hip Harp Toolkit course at http://www.HipHarpAcademy.com. The project was to create a Holiday Greeting with Harp – and the goal was “Connection – not Perfection.” These projects are called “Final-Beginning” projects to help us remember that each thing we complete is really the first step in the next phase of our relationship with it.

I loved this project!

This is a note from me, DHC. Charlotte didn’t have time to add her answers to the “5 Questions” I ask about final projects, so I’m jumping in here!

Oh - I love it! These are REAL people! Click To Tweet

Seeing people’s final projects is one of my favorite part of any of the courses and programs I give at Hip Harp Academy.  Seeing the ingenuity and creativity is one thing I especially enjoy  – as is watching people really take the concepts of any class and put them into a form that lets them connect with others people – and this one is a perfect example:

When I was explaining to a friend how much I enjoy these – seeing everyone taking the same concepts and bring them alive with different instruments, different levels of technical proficiency, and in different settings – I showed my friend (who, by the way, is not a harpist) a series of them and she blurted out: “Oh, I love it!  These are real people!”

I don't know what she thought harpists were but she saw what makes these videos so special Click To Tweet

I don’t know what she thought harpists were, but she put into words what makes me love these videos so much, and why people find them so inspiring: These really are real people, often people who are expert at something completely different in life, but investing themselves heart and soul in expressing themselves with an instrument that’s as tricky as it is beautiful.

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Do you want to feel freer sharing your musical gifts at whatever technical level you play – whether that’s on the web, in the world or just for you?  That’s what the programs at Hip Harp Academy are all about.  It’s all about connection … not perfection.  HipHarpAcademy.com

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