Registration is open for the Hip Harp Academy FIRST course of 2017, “Strings of Passion.”

“Strings of Passion” is the first course of the 2017 “Hip Harp Academy ” program. It begins our 12-month creative journey together.  Sign up NOW!

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“Strings of Passion” is the first course of the whole 2017 “Hip Harp Academy.” It’s a 10-Week program that teaches you to connect your creative impulse to the that moment of lift-off that we call creative expression.  Engaging your strings of passion is most important thing you can learn about playing any instrument or engaging in any kind of art – and it enriches your playing at whatever technical level you play whether you’re a fledgling player or a professional.

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There’s an Instrument Inside You

Did you know that there’s an inner instrument in each of you that mirrors your outer harp?  The strings of this inner instrument are plucked each time you play your outer instrument and the resonance between them is your Strings of Passion.  Learning to connect the inner and outer strings is what gives you the freedom to express yourself creatively and to use every creative expression as an enrichment your inner life.

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That’s what Strings of Passion is all about.

In this 10-Week course you learn to make that connection, and unleash the power of your Strings of Passion.  You learn a daily practice to connect those inner and outer strings, and you get a whole creative playground of techniques, and music and games that connect you to your personal creative expression matter what you’re playing so you can focus on CONNECTION and not PERFECTION.

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When you sign up for “Hip Harp Academy” right now, you start the year by connecting to your unique creative voice in “Strings of Passion.” Then you have rest of the year you expand that expression in courses like “Hands on Harmony,” “Arrange Yourself,” “Summer Harp Jam,” “New Blues Beyond the Page.”  There are over 10 different courses – some small, some large – they run throughout the year and when you sign up for “Hip Harp Academy” now – you get all of them.

Hip Harp Academy is a yearlong program for harpists to develop new repertoire and improvisation skills – and to invest in expressing yourSELF with your instrument. Strings of Passion is the first course of 2017 at Hip Harp Academy.

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So go sign up at You’ll get instant access to the “FULL” level of Hip Harp Academy where you can start warming up now for the January debut of “Strings of Passion” and then have the whole year to spend with me in programs focusing repertoire-building and improvisation.

Hip Harp Academy is a yearlong program. Strings of Passion is the first course of this year. 

Sign up now at or learn more about what you get in Strings of Passion at

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If you do nothing else for yourself in 2017 – discover YOUR strings of passion.


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