Are some people just more ‘creative’ than others? Or do they actually practice the art and skills of creativity?  Do they workout their creativity the way other people work out in a gym?

Come take a look inside the CREATIVITY Gym that’s part of my new “Strings of Passion” creativity program.

I’ve been collecting creativity workouts, games and prompts my whole life, and when I started building the online classroom for my 10-week “Strings of Passion” creativity program, I realized that this was a chance to pull them together in a playground … a laboratory … a GYM!

What’s so great about a gym is that all the workout tools are there. You can just walk in, start your workout – and leave when the bell rings.  What’s not so great about the gym is that you have to get there.  But what if the gym was right there in your computer?

With a creativity gym

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My Favorite Take-Away

I always ask people for their takeaways when I do webinars – because that kind of sharing is what makes group learning so powerful.  Most people share right on the webinar, but I got an email late last night from Remy DeVere, and here’s what she wrote:

My “take aways” are:

1. You are showing us a way to incorporate creativity and creative expression into everyday life.

2. By using exercises to actively engage with creative expression we will learn to engage the “artist within” whenever we feel a need (externally or internally). Whether we are playing our harp or not… as we are the instrument.

3. As we cultivate our “artist within” through exercises and following the course work… the “artist within” becomes the “artist without.”

4. There’s a real spiritual dimension to this… which is great for Winter- as we turn our attention inward to gestate below the surface to emerge stronger in our foundation of what we would like to express.

5. This is going to be so much fun!

No one is going to see me until Spring, lol!

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