My new 10-Week creativity program “Strings of Passion” opened on Tuesday.  The responses from people already in the program are starting to come in …

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The Jamlog Collectomatic is an anonymous sharing form that lets members of my Hip Harp Academy send anonymous responses, to share what’s happening for them as they stretch artistically in my courses. The form is totally anonymous – there’s no hidden cookie or anything on the form that tells me who sent it.

This anonymous form lets that 'secret me' be just one step more open. Share on X

So these arrive like messages from the ether.

This is what the form looks like …

I created it to be anonymous because I find that when I stretch myself creatively, it brings me to very deep places in myself – some joyous, some painful and raw – and sharing these is an important part of the process – but knowing I can share anonymously with someone who will actually read them and not judge what I’m feeling or how I’m saying it or my grammar or spelling – this is important.

So I created a way for members of my programs to share anonymously – and to tell me whether it’s OK for me to share, in turn, what they’ve written – even if I’ve no idea who wrote it.

I made it anonymous because stretching to deep places feels raw Share on X

Why would it matter if these are shared – if they’re anonymous? I can’t put it into words, but I know it does matter.  I know there are times that anonymous isn’t anonymous enough, and I need something witnessed and secreted. There are other times when I want to share but just don’t want my name or initials on it – it just feels too raw.

Later I might feel safe sharing the same thing with less secrecy – but sometimes it’s between me and me. Only I’m OK if other people see it.  So long as they don’t know it’s me.

This anonymous form lets that ‘secret me’ be just one step more open.

In the Jamlog Collectomatic form there’s also a checklist for what kind of message it is — a revelation, a message from one of their petty demons, etc — and many people choose several of those.

Oh … so why is it called the “Jamlog Collectomatic?”  Well, a log-jam is where things get stuck – so the intention of the Jamlog is to get unstuck by logging some of those jams.  And it’s a collectomatic because I was a kid in the 60’s and we had decoder rings and Every-omatic. And it’s pretty automatic, too.

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Deadline to Register:  Midnight Tue. Jan. 17 EST

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