I always wanted to do a little project like this: A 6 day series where harp players get one short riff each day and an MP3 Blues so they can play their HARPS out!!   And this is it!

Read more about Blues Harp “Riff-of-the-Day” project here.

I created the “Riff-of-the-Day” mini-course as a warmup for my upcoming 6-Week “Blues Harp-Style” online learning course for harp players.  So if you play the harp, register FREE for RIFF-OF-THE-DAY right now.

Take one #Harp riff a day with playalong Blues MP3 http://bit.ly/BHR-OTD Share on X

When you sign up for “Riff-of-the-Day” you get a daily email that links you to a short video.  In that video I go over the riff, show you how to play it, how to break it apart, how to use parts of it in different configurations to really play with the playalong MP3.

Not signed up yet?  Here you go …

Deborah Henson-Conant’s
Blues-Harp RIFF-OF-THE-DAY Mini-Course


For Lever Harp Players or Pedal Harp Players
Fledgling to Professional

Here’s a preview of Riff #1

Riff #1 is a deceptively simple pentatonic riff that you can use over and over with the Blues – and if you don’t know what ‘pentatonic’ or ‘riff’ means, I explain it all in a series of micro-videos on the Welcome page for the course.

One thing I love about this little riff is that it integrates the left and right hand in a single melodic line – and while I have absolutely no proof for it, I believe that playing integrated melodic lines like this makes new connections in my brain.

You can also get FAST once you work out the coordination, because you’re only playing with 3 fingers on each hand, and each hand only plays lines going in one direction.  Hard to explain, but the point is that you don’t have to double-back with your fingers, so you get this great kind of cascading-feeling when you play this little riff

Below is a picture of the video and the riff.  Get the real thing at Riff-of-the-Day.

Blues Harp ‘Riff-of-the-Day’ – RIFF #1 Share on X

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