Sometimes I feel like I have a secret life inside my Hip Harp Academy. Each week I meet live online with the Core-Level students for an Q&A chat about the current course.

The more time I spend with my students, the more I realize that the school’s about way more than techniques, skills, or even music itself – it’s about enriching our life experience through music – and that means my life as well, as the students enrich my own experience through with their questions, their input and everything they share.

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When I get a note like this from a musician in my Academy it confirms everything I hoped for when I built the school: that the Academy truly is a learning community and that that bringing musicians together from all across the globe to connect in that community enriches every one of us, and gives us permission to embrace the musical truths of who we really are.

Here’s a note I got from a student:

Dear DHC,
I have just listened to chat No 6 and want to let you know that I so admire the way you approach things and in general your attitude towards … everything so far. I have been wanting to let you know that much earlier.

I found it so liberating to be given “permission” to do things “the wrong” way, to explore what’s working for Me, instead of to try to fit in a form – in general, to put myself forward, instead of putting the form over me.

I found it so liberating to be given permission to do things the wrong way #HipHarpAcademy #Testimonial Share on X

I didn’t say so earlier as I thought it sounds stupid to need someone to let you do things in any certain way and to give you permission… until I heard it was not just me 🙂 I realised that my ego would normally not admit that I needed a permission for anything. And yet, it turns out that I did.

I have not even thought of exploring ways to express my own emotions and state, even less to put it in music and less still to make it into something to share, yet it feels so liberating to just consider the option.

Also, thank you for sharing your ways of making things easier for you, “allowing” for “cheating”, i.e. accepting and looking for ways to simplify and make things easier rather than complicated, also for encouraging everyone to submit imperfectly completed projects, for reminding again and again that this is about you expressing you, exploring your unique self = self respect, for presenting the “Final” as a “Beginning Project”, for reminding that the Blues is a means for Me (for everyone in the first person) to let out and lay down my feelings, and that what matters is connection.

Oh, and for having put a Congratulating message at the end of the submission form 🙂 – I do appreciate all the little gestures and touches throughout the HipHarp Academy site showing a care, understanding and involvement in a personally felt and inspiring way.

Once you brought up a point about how a great artist really serves for everyone to experience what it would be if he or she could play that well. In a way it is the same here – when one has a true revelation, it relates to everyone on some level. I appreciate and enjoy the authentic and sincere interaction.  Just so you know:)
Thank you!

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