I was in NYC just one week ago today for a “Writer-Producer” speed date presented by the “Theater Resources Unlimited” (TruOnline.org) folks.

It was GREAT!!!  Despite the fact that I locked myself out of my cellphone (I recommend NOT ever doing this), missed my bus home ... and nearly missed it twice – first, because I was at the Apple computer store trying to get my cell phone unlocked and next because I was a dinkhead (always get the address of where you’re going – especially on foot in Manhattan when you’re dragging an old travel-case), and had $120 and all my notes stolen after  the speed date  …

I got to connect with 11 producers for 4 minutes each, got coaching on how to pitch my musical and got to hang out with other writers.  I also got to hang out with my friend Paul Gordon (Tony-Nominated musical writer of Broadways’ “Jane Eyre” and the new “Daddy Long Legs” musical) who I’ve been working on musicals with since we were in high-school together and used to write letters to Leonard Bernstein and play piano together after school.

Plus I LOVE that I can ride my bike a short mile to a bus that takes me directly to Penn Station, the bus has wifi (I got a LOT of work done on the bus) … and now that I know where it takes off from on the way home (duh), it’s an incredible public transportation resource, takes less time than the train or the plane – and   I LOVE how easy it makes it for me to get back and forth to NYC.

Do I have photos from this trip?  No. NOT A ONE!  When you lock yourself out of your cell phone you lock yourself out of all of it.  Your cellphone becomes a glorified paperweight – but only if there’s no wind.

Also … does this strike terror into your heart?

Apparently this was just a joke my iPhone was playing on me. I really DO have a backup … somewhere. And today, for sure I’m going to find it and restore it.

Now THAT’S what I call an exciting and eventful date!!

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