(And what do you see when you do?)

Two bees on a thistle.

I saw them today, when my head cleared, near the end of my run.

I sometimes work at music or the engine that runs the business of music until my brain is as diffuse as the swirl of grey pouring out of a smokestack.

Then I run.

I chose the place I live in part so I could step right outside my studio and onto the path.

Because running is as important a part of my brain’s working as thinking about how music works, or practicing my harp, or revising the lyrics of a song.

And when my head clears, the clarity rising up from the pounding of my feet, I see more clearly – both inside and out. The solution to a problem. A thistle. A realization about where I’m stuck . Two bees at their life’s work.

What about you?  How do you clear your mind?

And what do you see when you do?

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