When I was first creating my foundational online program “Hip Harp Toolkit” I got an emergency arrangement question that confirmed just how important this class is for harp players!

A harpist I’d never met emailed me in desperation.  He had to play Handel’s “Largo” in just a few days for a graduation, hadn’t even been playing harp for awhile, had no time to learn all the notes and needed a crash course on how to simplify and arrange it.

It was such an incredibly timely question that I sat right down and made him this video which uses many of the technique harpists learn in “Arrange Yourself,” the fundamental arrangement course at the heart of my “Hip Harp Toolkit” program.

This video shows how to arrange a Handel’s “Largo” on harp for a procession or graduation, when you don’t have a lot of time (or harp chops) — by simplifying the music and adding your own creativity!

To give you an insight into just how much I didn’t know this harpist, you’ll hear me refer to him as a “She” in the video.

“OMG, Deborah….I can’t even explain.  It’s like all the icky stress that has built up over the last couple of days just literally melted away…

It went SO WELL!  It wasn’t perfect, but who cares??  I got through the whole thing, I recovered from any glitches, and most importantly I had a great time playing!

Chris Kanowitz

*NOTE: Chris, above, is the harpist I made the video above for. After I posted the video he emailed and told me that I’d made a mistake – he was a guy, not a girl! Our whole exchange was via email, so I’d made a big assumption that “Chris” the harpist was a girl, and referred to him as ‘her’ in the video. We both had a good laugh … and I promise to learn your correct gender if I ever make a video for you! (Deborah)

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