Are some people just BORN creative?

“Creative” is the word I hear most when people describe me —  but I didn’t really know how I got creative until I started teaching creativity to harp players in my online Hip Harp Academy.

That’s when  I started realizing that my life has, in some ways, been guided towards creativity.

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I’ve been fascinated by creativity and improvisation in every form: movement, dance, theater, graphic arts, poetry, story, jazz and free-music improv – my whole life.  Because of that I’ve been drawn to all the prompts, games and ideas that people share with me. As I look back on my life, I can see those moments as if someone shown a light on them, like: “Look here: this is where creative expression lives.”

I’ve collected many of those prompts  – especially those I found most useful in my music-playing – and they’re at the center of my 10-week “Strings of Passion” program in a special page I call the “Creativity Gym.”

Come take a look inside the Gym in this video.  It gives you a streamlined overview of the 7 strings of passion and then a tour of the Creativity Gym.  Click the image below to register for a FREE instant training that takes you through the 7 strings & the gym.


What’s so great about a gym is that all the workout tools are in one place. You can just walk in, start your workout – and leave when the bell rings.  Working out in a gym is useful, even if you only do it 5 focused minutes a day.

Easier said than done, though … the tricky part is GETTING TO the gym for those focused minutes.  On a warm day, my local  gym is a nice walk from my house – but on a cold day it’s waaaaay too far away.

But … what if the gym was right there in your computer?

That’s what I did with the “Strings of Passion” Creativity Gym.  Take a tour at the link above, and then join me for the 10-Week Strings of Passion journey.


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