If you play the HARP … I invite you to JOIN ME for FOUR levels of creative expression! Starting right now!

1. Join me for the Instant Replay of Sunday’s FREE Play-Along Webinar

Many people use a technique called Vision Boards to create a daily visual connection that inspires their goals and visions. What if you could create a piece of music that embodied your goals and visions – a piece you could play every day to reconnect with your creative vision?

“Vision Music” takes you to your instrument each day to reconnect in a practice that supports your playing, your musicality – and your connection to your vision.

JOIN ME in a FREE Webinar Replay to learn how!

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Registration includes a replay link if you can’t be there live – so register now to make sure you get full access to this training!

2. Join Me for 10 WEEKS in the “Strings of Passion” creativity program

Last Sunday’s webinar was a WARMUP for my first online class of the year, “Strings of Passion“. It’s a 10-week program for harpists that will liberate your creative spirit – and show you how to apply that to any piece you play.

“Strings of Passion” is your passport to the seven principles of creative expression. These are the principles I use to power and enrich every creative act, from playing a song to creating a concerto or a one-woman show.

The process of creative expression is the same, whether you’re playing at a bedside or creating a life’s-dream project, whether you’re an advanced beginner or a seasoned professional.

JOIN ME in this journey to YOUR strings of passion with your harp as the ship of adventure.

Starting Jan. 15, 2019

3. Join ME for a WHOLE YEAR in “Hip Harp Academy”

The 10-Week “Strings of Passion” class is the FIRST class in my YEAR-LONG creative curriculum at Hip Harp Academy – a series of classes I created especially for harp players to show you how to take those principles of creative expression and use them to liberate you from the notes on the page by giving you practical ways to apply them to improv, arrangement and self-expression.

JOIN ME in a year of creative expression STARTING NOW! A year that creates a new level of connection with your instrument – new skills, new ideas, new inspiration to unleash YOUR creative spirit so you can express yourSELF with your instrument – and share that expression with the world. As much of the world as you want.

4. Join ME to create your Dream Project

Applications are now open for my 2019 “Harness Your Muse” mentorship program. If you have a creative dream that’s aching in your soul – whether that dream is clear as crystal … or vague as a shadow – fill out the application and let’s set up a time to talk about how to bring it alive.

I can’t wait to join YOU in your creative journey and show you everything I’ve learned about how to liberate and empower this creative spirit we have and harness it to this amazing instrument we play.

Got questions about any of the programs? Use my “Ask-a-Question” form to let me know what you want to know! I love answering your questions.

Let’s do this!

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