I had an eventful time up in Belfast, Maine for my show at the Crosby Center last month.  The history of the center itself is fascinating – it was once a High School (it even appeared in the 1957 movie “Peyton Place” as the local High School). In 1996 it was massively renovated to become the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped (NTWH). It was purchased again in 2016 it began its new incarnation as a theater and multi-use arts center, The Crosby Center. (pictured below, photo from the Belfast, ME town website)

Even the drive there was eventful as I hit the weekend vehicle exodus from the Boston area to all places north.  I admit I pulled off the freeway amidst one traffic jam and just took a nap – hey, better than doing it while the car’s running, right?

When I got to Belfast, my host Christopher Grodin whisked me off to my first performance location: a downtown street corner – where, thanks to the local travel agency, we had power to run my equipment and I got to have some wonderful play-time with folks in Belfast – many of whom I saw the next night at the theater as well!

While I was on the street, a wonderful local photographer, Lynn Karlin ( www.lynnkarlinphoto.com )  asked if I’d like to visit the local Farmer’s Market the next day with my harp. It sounded like so much fun I had to say yes!

So by the time I got to the theater on Saturday night, I was warmed up and ready to go. What a WONDERFUL audience, great sound, delightful volunteers – it just felt magical. 

One of my favorite moments was getting to share the stage with a special guest, Susan Regan, one of my online students, who started playing harp in her 60’s and is now developing her own show to take to nursing homes – a show that combines her new passion – harp – with her life-long talent teaching and performing dance. 


Maine folks are friendly, resourceful and creative! I was admiring this painting at a yard sale the morning of the show, and before I knew it, it was mine, in exchange for some tickets to the show.

In the photo below I’m just hanging out at the local food co-op in downtown Belfast on the day after my show 🙂 

You never know what you’ll find at a Farmer’s Market! This little harp was at the farm stand with the chopping blocks  – so I gave its strings a little tickle…

Belfast – THANK YOU!! I had such a great time and I can’t wait to come back again next year!!!

And then there was one of my all-time favorite moments: dancing in the street with new friends who showed me a thing or two about what it means to enthusiastically embrace the beat!

Thank you Belfast! I look forward to returning next year!

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