I was moved this week when I stumbled on a Facebook Post by harpists Lacey Lee, playing my song “The NIghtingale” so gorgeously – and dedicating it to a friend who can’t have visitors right now. Not only was it a beautiful performance, but it had all the wonderful sounds of life you simply can’t control: a baby’s fussing, bustling thumping sounds of life and even an electronic melody coming from somewhere at the end.

Part of what’s so beautiful about this performance is that Lacey just keeps playing – like we all need to –  to make the human connection, to play the music we’re playing with all our hearts — and stay true to it, and trust in it – no mater what else is happening around us.

If you play the harp:

If you enjoyed this performance, let Lacey know. I’ll put a link at the bottom of this page.

It was so great to hear this performance this week because right now  I’m in the middle of working with a wonderful Beta-Team  of harpists all around the world to develop a class in how to deconstruct this song – and learn to build it back up —  so that every person who plays it can create their own personalized arrangement of it, using their own unique skills.  The class is called “One Song: the Nightingale” and you can read more about it here.

To see Lacey’s post and share your comments with her directly, You should be able to link direct to the post here.  (I hope … but what do I know about the back end of Facebook? Nada! So here’s a link to Lacey Lee’s Facebook Profile as well.).  Or just share your comments below.


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