I got so involved with planning the AMAZING Leadsheet Bootcamp, that I didn’t spend ANY time getting the word out that LAST WEEK was the first week of the Fall session at Hip Harp Academy! I do not want you to miss out on joining the Academy this Fall and I can honestly say that there is no better time to learn online and use music to create JOY in the world. We NEED the joy you’ll create!

Since the Academy’s motto is CONNECTION … not PERFECTION and I’m all about playing through the mistakes and embracing them — even though I’m a little late – I’m still going to make SURE you know you are INVITED to join HIp Harp Academy now!

If you’ve taken any of the Academy classes, or the 5-Day Harp Improv challenge, you know that I’m all about showing you how to play with FREEDOM. My own career – as the first woman instrumentalist on the GRP jazz label, a Grammy-Nominated composer, and a long-time touring musician – has been all about finding FREEDOM – one string at a time!

But I’ve never been more inspired than when I work with the students in the Academy – students who range from fledgling adults who’ve started harp after retirement – to long-time classical players who long to finally escape from the tyranny of the written notes.

So … this is me making sure you know: ACADEMY FALL CLASSES START … like … yesterday!

Don’t worry! I have a plan for anyone who joins this week to not feel behind!

Here’s what happens when you join the Academy: YOU free YOURSELF with the help of these tools, skills, classes and support:


  • Nearly two dozen different classes to help YOU express yourSELF, with my “Chord Families” method of harmony & theory, my 5-Part Arrangement system that lets you turn any simple melody into a full-fledge arrangement, plus classes in Improv, performance, amplification, singing-and-playing, arrangement, telling stories with music AND I show you how to apply everything you learn to create meditative music for therapeutic and bedside harp
  • A vibrant, supportive, funny, wonderful online community of harpists like you – perfectly imperfect harpists – who long to get UNSTUCK from old patterns of perfectionism and truly play their hearts out with Freedom
  • A Master teacher, with a lifetime of real-life experience on tour, in recording sessions, TV, radio – and a lifelong learner herself — who works with you through the classes, so you can ask questions and get feedback on what you’re learning
  • Weekly assignments to help you stay on track and build your confidence, skills and creative muscle


This is what is going on RIGHT NOW in the Academy:


Academy members have just started in on the Fall Season Classes – and there’s still time for YOU to join!. We’ve had our first LIVE Masterclass/Chats – which you can watch via replay as soon as you join – and students are working on the Fall classes:

  1. Hip Harp Toolkit: Our flagship improv and arrangement class that gives you the tools and skill to create a full-fledged arrangement from any simple tune
  2. Jazz for Harps: For more advanced students, or those who specifically interested in jazz and ready to move forward with more complex improv
  3. Special Projects: For Members who’ve been in the Academy 3 or more years and are ready to turn what they’ve learned into larger creative project – like a concert, album, podcast, etc.

PLUS they’re perusing the Library of everything: When you become a full-level member, you get 24/7 access to ALL the Academy Classes and replays. It’s like a library of everything for harpists who dare to free themselves – including the Lead Sheet Bootcamp, Hands on Harmony, Blues by the Dozen, Sing and Play Harp, Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page, Strings of Passion – you can see them all at Hip Harp Academy.

In case you’re a visual learner like me:

This is what you can expect when you join Hip Harp Academy:

I have SO much more I want to tell you about the Academy, so I’ll be doing that over the next few days. I’m keeping registration open for you thru Oct. 8 and I’ll make sure you don’t miss anything when you get in.
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