I don’t know where we are – somewhere between Denver and Boise —  but I just woke up early (10:30 AM – it’s early, on a tour-bus), opened the bus curtains and saw … sheep.

Sheep running by the side of a two-lane road, with cowboys on horses and herding-dogs. my view interrupted by passing semi-trucks.

I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture, but then I realized – how could I possibly capture this experience in a photo??

And realized – again — why live events are so wondrous.  Why hundreds and thousands of people come each night to see these shows we’re performing.  The experience – not of having caught it – but of being caught up in it.

Even if I’d been fast enough with my camera – how could my photo capture that?

Only … maybe … I could create a new experience if I told you the story, or made my own story in which I was the small, dark cowboy on his horse – the rich brown of this horse the only vibrant color for miles,  the sheep twiddling swiftly on their stick-straight legs, sheep of many sizes all rushing without purpose but holding feebly to a sense of direction and grasping panic to the thought “I do not see the trucks!  I do not see the trucks!”

… The cock-sure mottled Australian Shepherd flanking the back of the herd and the two huge, lumbering off-white lumpier dogs that trailed the herd further out in the fields —  the two-lane road, the broad, open fields on either side.

And me alone in the empty front lounge of the tour-bus, the only one up at 10:30, and the only time I’ve ever seen all the curtains of the tour-bus open – the second time only I remember us traveling in mid-daylight hours since the start of this tour a month-and a half ago.

That was my exquisite treat this morning.  And here is the only picture of sheep I could find – two Christmas cookies I made a few years back and nothing like the absolute deluge of real sheep this morning — but an effort at the experience of my own herd.

Sheep Cookie Herd of 2

Sheep Cookie Herd of Two

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