My new musical “The Golden Cage” is scheduled for video release on the “Streaming Musicals” platform this December. 

Join me this Fall to UNLOCK “The Golden Cage” – in a series of live-streamed conversations that explore the themes and concepts in this provoking fable.   We’ll look at those themes with experts in diverse fields – a Jungian Psychoanalyst, a Trauma Recovery Coach, a Human Development Expert, a public health expert who focuses on sexuality – and many others.

In a world where art is valued on its likes, hits, viral popularity and where it ranks in the next great trend, the hunger for meaning grows ever stronger. We can find that meaning in exploration, together – discovering connection by viewing the same work of art through a thousand different windows.  This is how we unlock its meaning.

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Tue. Oct. 25, 2022 – Around 2:30  pm EST – Join me LIVE on YOUTUBE for a conversation with sexual health expert Francisco Ramirez.

When award-winning keynote speaker Francisco Ramirez isn’t consulting, lecturing or hosting media events to improve health, equity, and respect in the world,  he gives free sex advice to strangers on the streets of NYC – and you can see what that looks like on his website

He also knows a lot about how people long for freedom, hope for security and can trap themselves in destructive thoughts – and how human connection can be both dangerous and liberating.

Come join the conversation on Tuesday, Oct 25 around 2:30 pm when Francisco unlocks the themes of “The Golden Cage” on YOUTUBE LIVE with me, Deborah Henson-Conant, author and composer of the new musical, ‘The Golden Cage.’  Then stay tuned for the moment YOU can watch “The Golden Cage” yourself, when it’s released for digital streaming in December 2022 on the “Streaming Musicals” network.

Francisco is a sexual health expert – and he was also in the audience for the April 2022 filming of “The Golden Cage” live in New York City. He’ll be talking about how the themes of the cage both in his personal live and his profession.

Fridays at around 9:15 AM EST on YOUTUBE LIVE, join an ongoing mini-series of conversations with Jungian Psychoanalyst Kathleen Wiley to unlock the themes of the Golden Cage as part of the weekly “Jung at Harp” series.

Wiley unlocks “The Golden Cage” as a modern myth depicting the quest to embody one’s deepest desires and true self – and how we entrap ourselves along the way – or learn to free ourselves to live fully.


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