It was supposed to be a community carol sing with the town’s Concert Band – the first since the Pandemic. But when rain damped those plans,  HARPIST Carol Booth,  jumped in with her IMPROV SKILLS, reindeer hat and harp to save the spirit of the season in the little village of Lorne, New South Wales

You never know when your improv skills are going to save the day.  I discovered this post from harpist Carol Booth this morning on the “Harpists Who Dare” Facebook group – and I just had to share it with YOU!   And now … here’s the story from Carol:

It was our community Carol singing this evening. The town concert band was booked to play and lead the singing…. But it rained…. And occupational health and safety… (not to mention they didn’t want damp instruments). The band couldn’t play in the rain.

This was the first Carol Singing since Covid and it had been widely advertised. It was either do something or do nothing… so I rounded up a guitarist and a singer.

DHC, the only music we had was your Holiday Lead Sheets on my iPad.

We were nowhere near musically accurate but we were enthusiastic. Heaps of feedback that the crowd really enjoyed it.

Thank you DHC! I could never have imagined doing this before joining the Hip Harp Academy.

It simply wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t learned from you:

  • connection … not perfection
  • leave out what you can’t play
  • keep it simple
  • have fun.

P.S. (writes Carol) The other really important thing that I learned from you operating here is ‘gestures!’ Make it look and feel like it’s music even if you’re just playing air-harp or plucking a single note because it’s all you can see on the lead sheet. Be PRESENT.  (And don’t be afraid to play glissandos.)

Harpists who Dare!

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