If you’ve ever seen me perform, you’ve seen the influence of both my mom and my aunt, Ina and Gloria, two powerful performers who instilled in me a passion for telling stories with music.

As a child, watching my aunt and mother go through the process of auditions led me to become passionate about ‘talent-casting’ versus ‘type-casting.’ I became committed to creating musical theater characters that ANY great performer could play, regardless of age, race, gender or body-type.

But it wasn’t until a few days ago, when I was recording this new fundraising video, that it suddenly hit me how much Ina and Gloria had inspired the characters of Alphea and Boris – now played by two amazing young actors in the film adaptation of last-year’s award winning NYC production.

Even though Ina and Gloria never performed “The Golden Cage,” you can see them, as I experienced them in the fairytale of my childhood when you watch the film.  My mother inspired the character of Alphea, a colorful, over-the-top, melodramatic, sword-wielding diva, while my aunt inspired the magical, whimsical character of Boris, the flying bird-person.

Now that I see the powerful influence of these two women on the characters in this musical I wrote, I can’t wait for you to meet them.

“The Golden Cage” is now available at StreamingMusicals.com for rental or purchase. Use my super-secret-special code GOLDEN25 to get 25% off.  OR look for the “Glorious Immersion” perk in the Crowdfunding campaign for The Golden Cage – it comes with free rental of the film PLUS an advance copy of the Soundtrack Album.

Click Photos below to see Full-Size Images from the 2022 production of “The Golden Cage” that’s now been adapted into a film

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