Monday I did an experiment.  I asked for listening help to decide which cuts to use on a I fell apart when it did.  I started crying and stomping through the house and eating the cat food. (OK, I didn’t really eat the cat food but I thought about it.)

Enter James.  My new Creative Administrator.   Yesterday he spent all day building me a new Laboratory:

My own private place to put my experiments and share them with you. It’s a private page on my website, where you log-in, listen to the work I’m doing, and offer responses.  You become part of my emotional-research team (You get to be both researcher and rat)  – you hear the music before it’s released,  you tell me how it makes you feel – and you become part of my creative team.

So I’m re-opening Monday’s experiment! It’s a short one – it ends later today.  But there will be more, if you miss this one – and it’s a chance to test the lab itself.

I’m sure the lab will still have glitches – and if you find them, let me know – but I’d love you to try it out and let me know how it works.


  • Click this link (or the image above)
  • Create an account
  • Go to the “Experiments” tab — that’s where the first experiment lives.

You’ll be able to hear the tracks there, and comment in the “comments” window.

If you’d rather comment in a place you’re more used to, you comment at these places instead:

  • HERE on this BLOG: In the “comment” section of this blog
  • FACEBOOK: At my Facebook Official Page
  • TWITTER: Tweet me using @HipHarpist and I’ll see the tweet

Viva la Experiment!!!!


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