In the 2nd grade I bought a pack of valentines for everyone in the class.Love Songs for Peter with Rose

This year I made only  ONE – and I made it by hand for my beloved friend Peter.

It’s a jazz-harp collection of 4 classic jazz standards: “As Time Goes By,”  “Charade,” “Days of Wine & Roses” and “My Funny Valentine”…

There are only two  physical copies in the world. One, delivered to Peter  – and the other is my ‘safety’ copy.

This is an unusual project for me – a throwback to my early days of playing jazz standards.  You can read about the genesis of this project in “The Jazz Valentine Project”, and about how I made this recording – including some audio clips in “Making Peter’s Valentine.”

So why did I do this?

There are some people who give so much to your life.  When it comes to them, it’s a joy … and a conundrum … to figure out how to give back.  I wanted to record love songs, simply, in my own way – songs Peter danced to as a young man.  So that maybe, through time – and through music – we might have a dance together.

And I wanted him to know I love him.

For those who want to hear it, there are a limited* number of digital copies of the collection and you can get one here as long as they’re still available.

Now … go forth and be romantic.

*”Ha!”  you’re thinking,  “Digital copies are unlimited!” but in this case, that’s not true.  These are all ‘covers’ of famous jazz standards.  They require a license to record & sell – whether digitally or physically. I bought  250 licenses.  So when they’re gone, they’re gone – and I’ll have to make a new valentine for Peter.

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