Facebook Names the Dress Rehearsal

It’s brand new.
I’ve never done it before.
And I don’t know what to call it!

Floating in the virtual revolution it’s a question I have waaaay too often.

Fortunately I have a team of experts: My Facebook Community.

I went to them for  help yesterday  because I’m about to do an online show experiment that anyone can come to it from anywhere in the world –and I have no idea what to call it.

So first, I asked myself:   What’s important about this thing I’m doing?

  • That you can watch it in your livingroom  — or even from the bathtub (so long as the computer’s far from the tub and you don’t buy a VIP ticket that lets ME see YOU)?
  • That it all happens LIVE?
  • That it’s a behind-the-scenes dress rehearsal for my next show?
  • That you can look right into my studio from your computer?
  • That I’m playing the music from my next album – LIVE?
  • That I’m Beta-Testing a whole new way of giving concerts?
  • That the folks who created this new system are performers, too?
  • That my cats might just walk right into the performance??
  • That you can ask me questions about the music, or my equipment, or my hair, or my cats right then: during or after the show?

It’s ALL important, and it all describes a completely new form of doing a show that doesn’t have a name!

And when I read all the great responses from Facebook folks, all I could think of was:  “Yes!  All that is what it is!

So I’m calling it a “Sneak-A-Peek Fly-on-the-Wall “DHC Does Dress-Test” Studio Livestream Dress-rehearsal” … or something like that.

What would YOU call it?

Whatever it’s called,  I want you to be there with me – because I can’t wait to see how it all works!!!   So … link here to let me know you’re interested and help us pick the best show times for YOU!

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