Online-Course JunkieIt started about 3 years ago.  My husband told me I should consider taking an online course.

Which I thought was ridiculous.

But it was a course in Social Media marketing specifically for musicians – and I didn’t even know how to post on my own Facebook page.

I couldn’t argue with him.

I really needed that course.

Well, 12 weeks later, I was creating widgets, writing a blog … and I even knew how to re-Tweet.

It was online! Who’d expect the teacher would be so present, the course so well-organized, that I’d have an amazing amount of personal interaction with the instructor? Online.

I was hooked.

After that I signed up to study Orchestration (yes, I know I got a Grammy Nomination for my orchestrated music – but I’d never actually studied orchestration and I wanted to fill in some of the gaps), and that was great, too.

Then I signed up for a couple online courses I really didn’t like … and I started to realize I know what works and doesn’t work for me in an online course.

I started getting opinionated.

I took online courses in business, in video editing, in media relations, in creating your own TV studio – and when guitar legend Steve Vai invited me to go on tour as a member of his band, I took an amazing 12-week online course in “guitar techniques of Steve Vai” (you can see one of my homework videos from that course below).  I learned to Tweet-and-Retweet, to Uplevel my Life, to Uplevel my Business, to build my Media Moxie …

I was an online-course junkie.

And then one day … I took an online course in how to create online courses.

Now I was really hooked.

And four weeks later … I had designed my own online course, “Arrange Yourself.

I knew exactly who I wanted to teach:  people like me.  Harp players who want to play a new version of themselves that they don’t even know yetAnd I knew how I wanted to teach.  And I knew what I wanted to teach.

And finally, only because of the internet, I knew how to reach my students – my community, which is growing, but still thinly populated around the world – my “HipHarp Nation.”

I started imagining what my students would be able to do at the end of the course – actually fantasizing about the moment they played this new thing for their husband or cousin or cat, how excited they’d feel, how people would look a them differently, hug them, congratulate them.  And that got me really, really excited.  It felt like I was creating a carnival ride, or a celebration – like concocting a marvelous something that would make it possible for someone to change their own life – to do a specific thing they hadn’t been able to do  4 or 5 weeks before.

This is the magic of it – the transformation.

Yesterday I launched my second course, “BLUES: Harp-Style!” – which begins May 13 (the day after Mother’s Day) … and I can’t wait to see comes out of this new transformation.

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