Watermelon Buying GuideHow could I have missed it??  It’s National Watermelon Day and I just found out!

Mark Twain said “Once you’ve tasted watermelon, you know what the angels eat.” (OK, maybe he said, “When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.”  Who cares how he said it?  He said it!)

I’m no angel, but I LOVE Watermelon and here’s the song to prove it, from my album “Just for You” recorded live in Germany with Wolfgang Diekmann on bass & Davey Tulloch on Percussion.  Just click it to hear the song …

And a word to the wise, don’t try ‘sharing’ this widget, although it claims to ‘make that easy’ — that part doesn’t work (Thank you NOT “Topspin Media”) — but for now you can at least hear it!

And if you want to download and own it, there’s another widget below that lets you do that AND join my e-news list.

Now, let’s all go eat some watermelon!!!

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