This is the birthday song I wrote for myself nearly 20 years ago.  A fan recently asked where she could find it online so she could sing it to her mom, so I made this post.

I hope this page has everything you need to learn it,  sing it yourself, play it on piano or buy it on CD and DVD or as a single MP3 (… or make “Congratulations” hats & giftwrap OR … sing it in French)

(Can you tell I really love this song?)


MP3 Download (99¢)


Download Piano/Vocal Sheet Music ($6.50)
or …
(See a sample of one page of the sheet Music)


Download the Lyrics (Free)

congrats_giftwrap_197-miniDOWNLOAD GIFTWRAP (Free)

(Print them yourself into a color printer – or print in Black-and-White and color them yourself.  And here’s my tutorial on how to wrap a whole CD with just this piece of giftwrap.  I made this tutorial for my holiday giftwrap, but it works with the Congratulations gift-wrap, too!)

Legal-size Congratulations Gift-wrap (8.5 x 14)


congrats-hat-leah-197h(Print them on a regular printer – color or black-and-white – then color them,  put them together yourself and wear them)

Letter-size Congratulations Hat (8.5 x 11)

Legal-size Congratulations Hat (8.5 x 14)

Ledger-size Congratulations Hat (11 x 17)

Buy the song on CD or DVD at CDBaby

You can also buy the song “Congratulations,
You Made It This Far” on my CDs & DVDs at

congrats-on-altered-egoAltered Ego CD (Solo CD – Piano & Vocals)

This is the version you can hear above in the little audio player.  My favorite moment is when I kick the Birthday Fairy out!  (Special thanks to Larry Luddecke at Straight-Up Music who coached me on my gospel piano-playing!)

Invention & Alchemy CD invention-and-alchemy-cd-with-congrats(with symphony)

This is a version with full string section from my Grammy-Nominated 2006 release. My brother was in the audience and I was singing it directly to him.


invention-and-alchemy-dvd-with-congratsInvention & Alchemy DVD (on video with symphony)

This is the same version as the CD above, but including the video.  This is the program that appeared on PBS stations around the US in 2006-2008.


Want to sing it in French?

Thanks to Will Robichaux in Thibodaux, LA you can now sing this song in French via his 2011 translation.

Here is the verse:

” Félicitations pour tout c’ que t’as fait,

Félicitations pour tout ce que tu es,

Quand tu désespères, ne perds pas courage,

Pour moi, tu es l’étoile montante,

Félicitations – voilà c’ que je chante!”

Phonetic spelling attempt

” Fayleeseetahsyawn poohr toose kuh tah fay

Fayleeseetahsyawn poohr too suh kuh tu ay

Kawn tu dayzayspair, nuh pair pah koo rahdge

Poohr mwa tu es laytwahl mohntahnt

Fayleeseetahsyawn – vwalah skuh dzuh chahnt”

Literal translation:

Congratulations for everything thing you’ve done,

Congratulations for everything you are

When you’re feeling down, don’t lose courage,

To me you are the rising star!

Congratulations – that’s what I’m singing about

Merci beaucoup, Will!

And … as a final note … it was this song that introduced me to my husband, Jonathan Wyner.  He’s the mastering engineer who mastered the single … and later the album … and later produced the award-winning DVD version.

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