As harpists, we’re trained to be able to read music, recognize chord shapes, properly coordinate our pedal work with our fingering and understand our role in the orchestra. All this is great for a traditional music setting, but…

What the heck do you do when another artist asks you to improvise with them!?

When another instrument invites you to “jam” with them, are you scared silly? Do you run for the hills at the idea of exploring jazz or blues, or nearly pee your pants if someone asks you to “riff”?

If that sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone! The fact is, too many harpists feel chained to their sheet music. They feel trapped by traditional music structures.

But it’s time for that to change. It’s time for some freedom of musical exploration around here!


In my new course, “Hip Harp Toolkit,” you get the knowledge, skills and support you need to break away from the written page. I believe EVERYONE can play with commitment and grace at any level of skill if they understand how music actually works!

By the end of 10 weeks, you’ll have:

  • The tools to take ANY simple tune and develop an arrangement on the fly
  • The confidence to share your skills with you friends, your family and the world
  • The freedom to play your instrument anywhere with anyone – no sheet music required!
  • The fun that comes when you can say “yes” to anything with your instrument

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“I’ve had the Angry Birds theme song stuck in my head for the last month. After about an hour of Deborah’s training, I was able to sit down and create an arrangement of that little tune in about 5 minutes… my 7-year-old stepson is going to think I’m so cool!”

I just had an epiphany!!! I DON’T have to remember what I played the day before – I just have to learn a small repertoire of introductions, cadenzas, codas, arpeggios and modulations. I then apply these to simple melodies. IT DOESN’T MATTER if it is different each time!”
-Pam (this revelation struck just after week 8 of “Hip Harp Toolkit”)

“You are changing my style, making it more interesting and hopefully more beautiful for the listener. For sure it’s much more interesting for me now to play my regular job of three sets. Thank you!”

“Deborah, I’ve never worked with a teacher who so inspired me to try stuff I feel scared of. I feel so encouraged in this course and have learned so much. Thank you. The gift you give is the assumption that it doesn’t have to be so hard or so perfect to get some joy out of it and share it with others.”
-Pauline  (see what Pauline did with her newfound courage in ‘”Live from the Kickin’ Caribou – Pauline’s Story)


So, Are You Ready For Your Freedom?

The harp can do so much more than what we’ve always thought and the prejudices we’ve been shown. I’m on a mission to show harpists all over the world just what the harp can really be.

I always talk about World Domination for harpists – and that’s because this is really about taking back our power as musicians.

You have a lot of creativity, musical expression and incredible music to contribute to the world, and it’s about time that it’s not held back simply because no one ever taught the harpist how to jam with the band!

So, will you join me in taking the next step to your musical freedom?

Click HERE to sign up for the course. Hurry! There are only a few slots left,  class starts January 14th and registration ends January 21st.

Here’s to plucking our musical power back!

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