headshot-jeila-smallTHIS IS A GUEST BLOG FROM Jeila Irdmusa. Jeila is the featured soprano in the 2014 concert of my song cycles at Boston University, “Mythic Women.” You can read more about that project in this blog: Help Wanted! Concert Name.

DHC performed her “Lose Your Blues” solo show this past weekend at TCAN (The Center for Arts in Natick, MA), I had to miss it, so she sent me two videos that Scott Lewis created from the show, including this one of DHC’s instrumental “Cosita Latina” (please also go to YouTube to leave comments about the video)

“Cosita Latina” and “Bonnyrigg Me Baby” (below) are the first two videos Scott Lewis produced from footage he captured at last Saturday’s show. Scott is a marketing consultant and video producer who helps businesses with video marketing, training films and digital marketing. Scott became a fan of Deborah’s performances through his wife, Judith, who also plays the harp.

Scott is a lifelong fan of the blues who, once upon a time, did a lot of sound and lighting in theater and music. His semi-pro photography and music production past and marketing career led him to his current business in marketing services and video production. You can find out more about Scott’s services at slewis.org

The videos are multi-camera productions with different angles and closeups. In watching, I was able to see what Deborah does with her hands and all her facial expressions, including a time in “Bonnyrigg Me Baby” where she totally cracks up (you can watch on YouTube & leave comments here).

The venue is an old Firehouse, and so intimate that the front row is practically on the stage – and the basic lighting is BLUE – a great tie in with the show’s theme- “Lose your Blues!” Videographer Scott Lewis said “this show was especially challenging as it was lit for performance, not making a movie, and because TCAN is so intimate the cameras practically have to share seats with the audience. It’s an awesome venue to see a show live.” Stepping out of corporate work to record this show was “a great opportunity to be entertained and be in a position to help Deborah share some of the highlights of the show for those who missed it” according to Scott.

The first video I watched was “Cosita Latina.” I really love this song, in part because it’s one of the first I ever heard DHC play.  And, to be totally honest, it’s one of the first HARP pieces I’ve ever heard – and what struck me was all the virtuosic skill and passionate expression that you can feel just by listening to the music. As a singer, this is something that I forget – I love words – but when I hear DHC play, I realize that a story can be told by music alone.

I also love how Deborah uses her body to tell the story – and I know she works on that in her practice. It’s almost like a dance, like the harp is an extenion of her — and I find that mesmerizing. My voice is inside me – I never see it – so seeing someone play an instrument that seems to be part of their body is like an externalization of what happens when I sing – and that’s so fascinating to see.

And by the way, Deborah really listens to her fans… in fact, many of the lyrics of “Bonnyrigg Me Baby” (watch below) were suggestions from fans on her Facebook page.

The next video I watched was the story and song “Bonnyrigg Me Baby.” Deborah talks about a time she was traveling in Scotland with a boyfriend. They had one of those cars where the driver would have to reach over and unlock the door for the right-side passenger and they realized there was no word for that action, so they decided to call it after the town where their car was parked at that moment.

It starts with a Scottish brogue tune, and swiftly turns into a tongue-in cheek seduction worthy of “Car Talk.”

So if you want to become part of her lyric-writing team, make sure you ‘like’ her official Facebook page – and leave your suggestions in the comments on the videos because she really does read them!  You can leave comments on “Cosita Latina” here and “Bonnyrigg Me Baby” here.

I laughed out loud and danced along to this one…. Unlock my door, then unlock my heart!

I definitely lost my blues watching these videos… Did you?

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