Why do we want to SHOW people what we do, what we love, what we create?  Why do I want you to come to my show Saturday night in Rockport, MA?

(Someone invented this building I’ll be playing in Saturday night. Someone made the blueprints.  Someone hammered in the nails. Look how beautiful it is.)

Why do we point with excitement “Look! An elephant!”  “Look! A shooting star!!” “Look! LOOK!! A GARBAGE TRUCK!!”

(Look at this instrument.  It’s called the “DHC-Light.” Two men in France invented it for me, Joel and Jakez of CAMAC harps. This is the harp I’ll play on Saturday night. It’s made of carbon fibre. It only weighs 11 pounds. )


Sharing an experience is sharing our humanity, our excitement in this mysterious adventure of being human.  

A live event is a human experience in space, in time, in shared humanity. 

It knits our human connection.  It opens doorways in us to ourselves.

(Look at this photograph.  A man named J Brian Buckley took it in a moment when I was wondering how I got into that pose … and whether I’d ever be able to get out of it. He captured that moment.)

Come to my show and you change the show.

Your presence changes the notes, the intensity, the beauty. You change the music when you are there. Live.


And that is why I love performing.

We create a show. The artist. The audience.  The architect.  The cobbler who fixes my boots. We create the experience of a show. 

Those moments – time outside of time – to breath the air of our focus – the show we create.  Our show.

(Look at my boots. I put my necklaces on them.)

Come to the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA this Saturday, April 12th at 8pm.   Let’s create a show.


(And look – this is what the theater looks like from a boat.)

10-benson-shalinliu-blog(Thank you, J. Brian Buckley and Robert Benson  for these photos that let me show the show.)

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