I have this secret project I call “Re-DHC” and it’s all about sharing — or REleasing — my past performances and creations.  The “Dogs of Somerville” video I posted last week is part of that project.  (And THANK YOU for the great comments on that YouTube video.)

This week I want to share another video from the same show: my  2012 performance with the Great Falls Symphony in Montana.

I LOVE the kinds of musical surprises I get when I travel as an orchestral soloist — and this show had a great one.

The tune is called “New Blues” – an upbeat little bebop tune and it features 5 intrepid harp players who joined me onstage as the “Harp-Breakers”  … and a sound man who pulled out his trumpet and took a solo with the orchestra from the back of the hall (if you know his name remind me in the comments and I’ll put it in the YouTube description!!)

I wrote this particular piece as a chance to feature local harp ensembles because WHO gets to see a bevy of HARP PLAYERS stand in front of an orchestra strumming through an upbeat Blues?   So it’s fun for the audience.

And as a harp player you often feel so isolated.  Gobs and gobs of violins and violas – and just one or two harps at the back of the orchestra.

So I love being able to even up the odds and fill the front of the stage with harp players.

What I was NOT expecting, when I went to Great Falls, was that the sound guy was also a great trumpet player, so when it came time for an extra solo … well, just check out the video and you’ll hear what happened.

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