LIVE from the studios of DHC-TV – a special online version of “The Seven Strings of Passion” (also known as “Strings of Passion”)

For those who can’t come to New Orleans for the LIVE “Strings of Passion,” I’m performing a special livestream version via “” Learn the 7 principles that take me from creative impulse to the lift-off of personal expression: music, ideas & humor in concert – live with the 32-string hip-harp.

dhc-webshows-square-dhctv-concertwindow-300pIt plays out 7 principles, string by string, using the unusual instrument that was invented for me – a 32-strings electric harness harp – to show how they resonate and harmonize with each other: These principles include invention, collaboration, leadership, structure, character, exploration — and lift-off, as an idea becomes reality.

Buy your ticket now for $1 or $2 or $10 or a gazillion smackeroos.  Come to the show from anywhere in the world via your computer. Watch the show, text-chat with me and the audience worldwide, and whenever I do something you love, drop a couple bucks in the tip jar!  It’s as close to a virtual house concert as you can get.

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#StringsOfPassion LIVE Webshow by @HipHarpist music-ideas-humor – it’s both concert & lecture

@HipHarpist’s #StringsOfPassion LIVE Webshow on June 29 – music-ideas-humor

Can’t go to @AHS2014NO? You can still catch #StringsOfPassion by @HipHarpist in a LIVE Webshow!

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