Class has started! “Hip Harp Toolkit Latin-Style” course for harp players starts this week. Register  the passionate musician, to create a repertoire of inventive, fun solo arrangements – specifically for your skill level … because you  create them yourself.

You’ll learn to EXPAND simple tunes, SIMPLIFY complex ones, and use techniques like variation, vamps, improvisation, introductions and codas to create your own arrangements – so you can stop worrying about the notes on the page, and start playing the music you love!

Not just a workshop, you’ll get hands-on video direction from ME and the luxury of 10 weeks to explore and expand, with weekly chats, clear direction and lots of fun! And if you sign up for the Full-Feedback version of the course, you’ll get individualized video feedback on each homework assignment you submit.

The Summer 2014 Session of “Hip Harp Toolkit” features Latin Repertoire – so YOU will be ready to improvise on your own repertoire of Latin-flavored tunes by the end of the summer — and features special Latin-flavoired mini-lessons with Brazilian harp sensation Cristina Braga.

First, please consider registering for the course yourself! It goes without saying that I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you participate in the course! Register HERE.

But whether or not you can join us this time, I would also LOVE for you to share “Hip Harp Toolkit” via your social media channels as much as you can. Here are some quick & inspiring Twitter/Facebook/Gplus posts for you to cut & paste, but feel free to doctor these up or write your own:

#Harp on it! Liberate yourself from the written music! #HipHarpToolkit

10-­Week online #harp course to create your own repertoire of fun solo arrangements #HipHarpToolkit @HipHarpist

Learn to EXPAND simple tunes & SIMPLIFY complex ones #harp #HipHarpToolkit @HipHarpist

Stop worrying about the notes on the page, and start playing the music you love! #HipHarpToolkit

Learn to improvise your own repertoire of Latin­-flavored tunes by summer’s end! #HipHarpToolkit

Sign up and learn to develop secret #harp skills, tricks & talents #HipHarpToolkit @HipHarpist

Don’t commit harpicide! Take music into your hands, #harp folks!

Create more than you ever thought you could from your #harp #HipHarpToolkit

Ooh, and I’ve also got a Pinterest board to make sharing fun and easy. Visit it at

Thank you so much for helping me make “HipHarp Toolkit” even MORE awesome by filling it with the rockstar harpists you know (like YOU!!). Because what makes a rockstar?  PASSION!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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