Class has begun and it’s SOOOO much fun!

Especially because I invented the school myself.

FoHip Harp Toolkitr the next 10 weeks, I’ll be personally guiding a group of harpists from around the world through my personal method for learning to create spontaneous arrangements on the harp – including the basics of improvising.

I created “Hip Harp Toolkit” as a way to teach harpists the fundamentals of how I approach any kind of improvisation – and this is all leading up to the Fall when I’m planning to launch the Beta-version of Jazz Harp 101.

Teaching the Way I Understand Music

I wanted to create a true “fundamentals” course because I discovered that whenever harpists came to study jazz with me – regardless of their playing level, we couldn’t really enter the conversation until they understood the way I build music.

Thus was born “Hip Harp Toolkit” – the fundamentals course that leads to all my future courses.

Let’s Do It Again!

I gave the course for the first time in 2013,  then discovered that many musicians in the first class wanted to take it again.  I wanted to give them something new when they repeated the course, but I didn’t want to change the entire course, so I came up with the idea of adding weekly “mini-lessons” created by a guest coach that would help them apply the principles they learn in the course to a specific style of music. 

Searching for Masters of the Harp Arts

I looked for masters of specific styles of playing – and for the summer “Latin-Style” course, I found Brazilian harp master, Cristina Bragawho was recommended to me by the founders of – the international jazz harp organization in the Netherlands.

And Cristina and I are having fun developing her part of the program!

In the first lesson she took us to the ocean to talk about the fundamental rhythm that we need to look for in everything – and how deep a part of Brazilian music that rhythm is. (Here’s a screenshot from that lesson)In Lesson 2, she created a rhythm “Workout” that starts in our bodies and then moves to our instruments.

The course includes the full 10-week “Hip Harp Toolkit” curriculum plus weekly mini-lessons in Latin-styling from Cristina Braga – plus loads of interaction with me and other students including a private Facebook group, class discussions and live weekly chats where you get to ask YOUR questions about how to put this all into PLAY!

If you play the harp,  join us – this is going to be a wonderful summer!!!

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Got questions about whether the course is right for you? I made a handy-dandy “Ask a Question” form. so you can ask me!

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