Tue. Dec. 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!   

Did you find the perfect gifts yet? No worries! Sometimes the last-minute is the

best-minute – so I put together some gifts that are so fast they don’t even need wrapping!

And to make it FUN, I created a bunch of downloadable gift-cards (or “gift-scrolls”) that you can print out and give with your gift. Check it all out in 1-2-3-4 below!

#1 – Give the Gift of Live Music
The Perfect Gift for the people you love in the Boston Area!
Lose Your Blues Tickets - Last MInute Gift

Send your friends to my annual “Lose Your Blues” show at one of the sweetest and most intimate theaters in the Boston Area – then send them one of my special gift-cards to let them know you did (and if you’re in town, join them at the show!) Check it out here.

#2 – Give the Gift of Learning BLUES HarpStyle
The Perfect Gift for Harp Players anywhere in the world

BLUES HarpStyle 5-Week Course

Give your favorite harp player the gift of five full weeks of deliciously fun online learning and then sit back and say, “Wow! I never knew you could do that on the HARP!” when they play you the BLUES!

Register before Midnight Dec. 25th and you get a big Holiday bonus if you use the code XMAS (all caps). Check it out here.


(And harp players … here’s something fun… you can just send a link to the “BLUES HarpStyle” blog as a not-so-subtle hint that this is what you’d like for Christmas! Mwaaaaa-ha-ha HarpStyle!)

#3 – Enjoy the Gift of Listening
Download the Perfect music to listen to while you settle into the Holiday spirit.
Two Holiday Download Collections from Deborah Henson-Conant

Learn more and listen to them right now from the online player — or download to listen forever.

#4 – Have FUN with the Joy of Giving
Download My special Gift-Scrolls to make it even more fun to give these gifts

You’ll find gift scrolls at the bottom of each of these pages: Sat. Jan. 10 ‘Lose Your Blues’ Show blogpost and my ‘BLUES HarpStyle’ Online Course blogpost so you can download, print them and add your name or just download them and email them as a digit
al card to announce your gift!

They look kind of like this (you’ll find downloadable ones at the bottom of the blogposts)

Now go forth into the Last-Minute rush and thrill of the Holidays and have FUN!!!

Some times the last-minute is definitely the loveliest minute!

I hope I see you online or at a show soon!

And if you have questions about any of these or need me to walk you through it – just use my “Ask a Question” form and  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Happy Holidays!

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