I could say this whole thing started when I took my first online course, then rippled through my life as I started creating my OWN online programs.

But the truth is that it started from watching “Our Gang” the moment I heard little Darla say to Alfalfa “Hey, I’ve got a barn! Let’s put on a show.”

The whole idea that I can create a theater right here in my house is like a dose of Seattle-grade java.  And that’s exactly what will be happening this weekend!

Only the audience will be thousands of miles away – each with a harp in hand – and I’ll be up on a big screen.

I’ll be presenting my first-ever EXCLUSIVE livestream virtual workshop from my studio outside Boston and the entire audience will be in Cardiff, Wales at a weekend festival sponsored by the world’s greatest harp company (in my personal estimation) – CAMAC Harps.   Yes – the people who created my signature “DHC-Light” model harp!bigscreen-dhc-CAMAC-weekend-wales

What’s ‘exclusive’ about this event?

Well, unlike most online webinars, this one is being streamed to one and only one location: Cardiff Metropolitan University Conferencing Suite where 30 – 40 harp players (and their harps!) will be playing along as I connect with them from the screen at the CAMAC Weekend in Cardiff, Wales.

I’ll be teaching one of my most popular live workshops “Arrange Yourself,” interacting directly with the participants, who’ll all be playing their harps — and during the Q&A participants won’t raise their hands or go to a microphone – they’ll sidle up to a harp in front of the computer and ask me whatever they want, speaking face to face … virtually!

In fact, I’ll have a chance to personally say hello to everyone who attends the workshop!

Here’s a little interview I did with Shelley Fairplay, the creator of the “Harpist for a Day” program about the whole weekend:

It’s the first-ever Hands-On Virtual Harp Arrangement Workshop, and when the participants walk away they’ll know how to create an impromptu arrangement out of any simple melody – a skill they’ll be able to develop and use for the rest of their lives.

We’ve been soundchecking for weeks in preparation for this weekend’s event, we have about 3 different backup systems in place and it’s all part of a full weekend that includes live courses for harp players in everything from jazz harp and orchestral-playing to a devilishly brilliant “Harpist for A Day” program that brings people who’ve never touched a harp through a day of training that ends with them playing “La Bamba” (among other things) en masse on stage in a professional concert, each with their own harpist-mentor to guide them.

Wanna come?  Well, you can if you ask the CAMAC festival pretty-please to let you register late.  Registration closed on Saturday, but if you tell them I sent you they might have a couple spots left and I’d LOVE to see you there — and I WILL be able to see you – right through my computer!

Only one thing: you’ll have to go to Cardiff.  This is an exclusive event ONLY for participants of the CAMAC Cardiff Weekend, along with an amazing line up of teaching and coaching from Elinor Bennett, Meinir Heulyn, Eira Lynn Jones, Valerie Aldrich-Smith, Ben Creighton Griffiths,  Shelley Fairplay – and a Special Livestream Workshop  by Deborah Henson-Conant and hosted by Elen Vining of CAMAC Harps Wales.

>>REGISTER NOW at www.CamacHarps.co.uk<<

Or contact Elen Vining for more information:
info@CamacHarps.co.uk / Tel: 02920 221199


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