I’m calling this my WOW Weekend because I’m having soooo much fun just CREATING things to share on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Weekend in Between.

So this is WOW WEEKEND HEADQUARTERS!  The  ONE place everyone can check for updates.

So REFRESH THIS PAGE when you get here to see any new things or deals or fun stuff I’ve added! And I’ll just keep it all in one long list!

separator-wordpress-blog-blue-gradient-700x10THING 1:  FREE 6-Page PDF for Harp Players!

I just made a very cool new FREE PDF for Harp Players called “Psyching out Jazz Chords … on Harp” you can go and download it right now


THING 2: HANDS-ON-HARMONY – only $97!!

WOW! “Hands on Harmony” is my incredibly  useful, incredibly fun online course that you can take at your own pace – and you’ll get it for only $97 – more than 50% off – but ONLY this weekend!  Is this a great gift? You bet! For yourself or the harp player in your life.   Head ye to the Registration & Info Page Now!


You’ll get right into the Beta version of the course as soon as you register PLUS you’ll automatically be registered for the next LIVE virtual retreat of the course which is soooooo much fun!!

It includes over 5 hours of video, starting with scales and taking you through extended and altered chords – all broken into bite-size videos so you can watch, learn and play at your own pace – and best of all – you get it right into your hands with exercises to do on the spot!

This is a BLAST! I thought I knew this but you make it more user-friendly.” Carolyn Deal  

“Love how the harp shifts into the key, patterns remain the same, you don’t have to think about altering fingering! Sally Walstrum 


(Use the code ‘WOW’ for over 50% off ~ Ends Midnight Monday)




dinner-collectn-widget4I just added this minutes ago and have to run to a meeting, so check it out here and make sure to use the code “WOW” to get the WHOLE collection for $7.99 – but only ’til midnight Monday!

separator-wordpress-blog-blue-gradient-700x10MORE TO COME …




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