Did you know that some structures FREE you – and others CONSTRAIN you?!

Do I have scientific proof? Ummm …. no. I have something better. I have creative proof.

Structures imposed from the OUTSIDE can shepherd chaos into order (and, trust me, I love and need that!) — but they’re not about freedom or creativity.

Simple INTERNAL structures are the FLEXIBLE SKELETONS of creative expression.

This is why my new online program is called “Building the Bones.” It’s all about building those flexible internal structures that support creative expression – the structures in music – and the structures in ourselves – and my free webinar this Sunday is called “Structure is FREEDOM.”

People often describe me as wildly creative. In fact, Doc Severinsen called me the “Wild woman of the harp,” but the fact is, everything I do is built on deep – and often very simple – structures.

When that structure is missing for too long, I’m rootless. Even when I’m letting my mind run wild, or letting myself follow the moment on stage (like you know I do), I’ve got a structure supporting that. For example, the more solid my set-list, the safer I feel to improvise. If I go on stage without a set-list, I’m floundering. If I’ve got a solid setlist, I generally ignore it – but I know it’s there. It supports my creative freedom.
Join me for a Program that’s all about building the freedom of creative structures

 My new 12-Week online program “Building the Bones” is all about simple creative structures that release and support your creativity.

From the simple arrangement structures at the heart of spontaneous repertoire-building to simple structures that help you maintain a warmup-practice.

Learn more about those structures and how they can release your creative freedom in my FREE 1-Hour webinar this Sunday, “Structure is FREEDOM!” and learn how YOU can find the structure of freedom.

The 12-Week “Building the Bones” is an online program for harp players — and there’s a big off-line component to the program this year as well, as we’re collaborating with the Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts, the West Shore Symphony Orchestra and soloist/educator Robbin Gordon-Cartier on the pilot for a project that builds community through concertos. Read more about this new collaboration here.  I’ll tell you more about this and show you one of the creative structures I use in my FREE Training this weekend called “Structure is FREEDOM

And for all you beloved non-harpists — just know you’re always welcome to crash my harp webinars – or even sign up for the programs. I, personally, have joined many classes and read many books that are specifically NOT for me (like the “I Can Make You Stop Smoking” book on my bathroom shelf, despite the fact my first cigarette – at 12 – was my last). I love being an interloper. And I love your interloping — so you are welcome to crash the webinar. I always love having you!)

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