Our “CyberWeekend” special ended at midnight yesterday BUT last night I found something SO GREAT that I HAVE to share it!! So I’m creating a NEW special for anyone who missed the Cyber Weekend. If you missed it last weekend — jump on this one! 

So here’s the NEW DEAL! Join before midnight Sunday, and you get my foundational “Hands on Harmony” training PLUS a BONUS 4-Course Basic Training Pack that will rock your playing! All for $97 (“Hands on Harmony” alone is usually $297)

Join by midnight SUNDAY to get #HandsOnHarmony AND the BONUS 4-Course Basic Training that will rock your playing - all for $97! ($297 value!) Share on X

So … the NEW $97 Cyber-Special Includes:

A. “Hands on Harmony” Training – this is normally $297 and includes over 8 hours of video training on harmony and theory specifically for harpists, with loads of hands-on playing exercises PLUS downloadable MP3s and PDFs – with 24/7 access to all the trainings for 6 months so you can learn at your pace (read all about it here!)

B. PLUS the BONUS: “Basic Trainings 3-Pack”:  These 3 Basic Trainings give you a FOUNDATION to liberate yourself from the page with basic improv and arrangement techniques – techniques that add to your “Hands on Harmony” training and help you put it right into practice playing tunes you love. The Bonus helps you put it all together in a tune you KNOW you’re going to want to play many times in your life. The 3-Pack includes:

#1: 3-Part Arrangement Formula
#2: Left-Hand Liberation
#3: Playing the Shapes of Music

C. PLUS: EXTRA bonus training: “How to “Hack” the Happy Birthday Song”

These are 4 of my most powerful webinar trainings, all packaged together with their “PlaySheet” handouts so you can access it all easily, watch them together or separately, and use them to apply everything you learn in “Hands on Harmony.”

SO, JUST ONE THING: I JUST came up with this idea, so the extra video trainings won’t be ready for you to access right away since I’m getting them ready for you.  The good news is that means you can jump right into “Hands on Harmony” as soon as you register — and then enjoy the Bonus trainings when you’re ready.

BUT you can ONLY get all this with the $97 “Hands on Harmony” CyberDeal PLUS Special until midnight Sunday. So join now! I can’t wait to share all this with you!!


Why am I doing this?

I want you to have this foundational training because, together, these trainings, give you a base for all the other learning in my Academy – a FOUNDATION for your personal liberation from the notes on the page.

Having that foundation means you’ll be ready to jump into all the deeper programs I’ll be offering in 2019, like “Strings of Passion,” “Jazz for Harps” and “Building the Bones of Music.”

I want you to have these trainings NOW, as we enter the Holiday Season — because what you learn in these trainings will ADD to every piece you play for friends, family, audiences …. and yourself – and that will also reinforce your creative foundation.

I want you to have this foundational training because these trainings give you a base for all the other learning at #HipHarpAcademy. Share on X

So what ARE these new trainings we just added?

This is a collection of some of my most powerful webinar trainings. They introduce you to concepts I use in every class in Hip Harp Academy.

#1 – Instant 3-Part Arrangement Formula: Shows you my 3-Part Formula that you can apply to any simple tune to turn it into an instant arrangement.

#2 – Left-Hand Liberation: You’ll learn my favorite Left-Hand Pattern, and how you can create it from a simple triad to accompany nearly any melody. Then you’ll learn how to add rhythms and reshape it to create more complex left-hand accompaniment patterns. You’ll also get my “Left Hand Patterns” Play-sheet with over a dozen different left-hand patterns from basic accompaniment to Slap-Bass, Samba and Jazz Waltz.

#3 – Playing the Shapes of Music: This training shows you two basic SHAPES that create music: the shape of an overall arrangement form that we use in “Hip Harp Toolkit” – and how to psych out the shape of a MELODY to make it easier to remember or to transpose. I also show you how to use the exercise melody in the PDF Play-sheet to practice playing the shape of the arrangements – so that it’ll be easier for you to apply that shape to the other simple tunes you love.

#4 – BONUS Training! If you’ve taken my “Harpy Birthday Mini-Training” this is a spin-off in which I show you a very fast way to create your own arrangement of this song – and then how to ‘re-style’ it to perform in a therapeutic setting.

This is a collection of some of my most powerful webinar trainings. They introduce you to concepts I use in every class in #HipHarpAcademy. Share on X

So that’s the deal! I really hope you’ll join me and if you have any questions about this – click HERE to ask. I LOVE your questions and I’ll answer them as fast as I can – and enjoy every minute of doing it!

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