Deborah Henson-Conant & Hip Harp Academy Present:

An “In-Between the Music” Conversation
“Jung at Harp”

A conversation about music and … the principles of Jungian Analysis

“In Between the Music” is a series of conversations about music and how it connects, inspires and informs everything else in life … and how that connection goes both ways.

In this conversation I’m speaking with Jungian analyst – and harpist – who is one of the members of my learning Academy ( Kathleen Wiley is an expert in her own field of Jungian analysis – and a harpist who has begun to play the instrument as an adult – part of a growing number of people who come to this instrument with a lifetime of experience in another realm.

One of my favorite kinds of conversations is about how other expertise and passion inspires, informs and is informed and inspired by learning and playing an instrument – and that was the impetus for my first conversation with Kathleen.

Note: Kathleen mentioned to me off-the-air that she prepared for this conversation by reviewing this “Strings of Passion” webinar replay. You can get access to the same webinar replay HERE.

Please join this conversation. When have you had an experience of your energy just flowing at the heart of what you’re doing – whether that’s practicing an instrument, running, cooking?  What was that experience like?  What was it like when you felt that energy blocked?  What did you notice about your body, your thoughts, your feelings at that moment: the moment when it was flowing and the moment when it was blocked?

Kathleen suggested one way to discover more about this:

When you’re playing your instrument, or painting, or cooking – or whatever it is that is the active, engaged part of something you do, give yourself 30 seconds to play out your frustrations with the day. What’s that like? Then give yourself 30 seconds to express a moment of peace you had. Really experience (listen, feel, etc) without making judgments about it, or trying to improve it. Just experience it.

Then add your comments below or at the YouTube video HERE.

Click HERE to see the second video in the “Jung at Harp” conversation! 

Thank you for being part of this conversation in between the music. To learn more about me and what I do go to

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