I’m doing a Mini-Marathon Facebook Live as a challenge to harpist Shelley Fairplay, creator of the “Start Harp” Method of online harp learning.

Why just a Mini-Marathon? Well, I’m ALSO doing a FREE WEBINAR today to share my “Blueprint for Improv” — so I’m keeping the Marathon as a mini …. for now.

Before I tell you how this Mini-Marathon Arrange-a-thon came about, here’s how you can join me:

A. WEBINAR: REGISTER (for FREE) for the Live Encore of “Blueprint for Improv” (Sun. Sep. 15 at 4:30 pm EDT) REGISTER HERE 

B. FACEBOOK LIVE:  Noon-ish on Sun. Sept. 15 – In this mini-marathon I’ll apply the “Blueprint for Improv” to as many tunes as I can in about 2 hours.  iHere’s how to make sure you don’t miss my Facebook LIVE Events:

  • GO TO my Facebook Page
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JOIN ME! And tell your friends.

It all happened like this:

My upcoming class for harpists, “Hip Harp Toolkit” is based on the premise that you only need two things to create a infinite repertoire of instant arrangements – at any level of technical ability.  These two things are exactly what I give you “Hip Harp Toolkit”:

  1. A Blueprint for Improvised Arrangement and
  2. A Toolkit of creative skills.

When you learn to use these together, you have a formula that unlocks instant and infinite arrangements – on any simple tune. This has come to be know as the “DHC Method” and, no joke, it unlocks the ability to create instant and infinite improvised arrangements.

Yes … instant and infinite.

Now, to be fair, you need training, support and guidance to do this effectively, which is why I created the 10-week “Hip Harp Toolkit” class where you get the blueprint, the skills and the training in how to put them together, you get your questions answered personally by me, an opportunity for feedback on your own work, and coaching on how to get unstuck, take things further – and most importantly, coaching that point out what you ARE already doing right (since that’s the hardest thing for people to see!) 

The class also comes with tons of tunes you can apply the “DHC Method” so you can quickly create an improvised repertoire in time for the holidays.

And that’s where the mini-marathon comes in.  I’ve printed out all those tunes from the class and I’ll be applying the DHC Method from Hip Harp Toolkit to them on Facebook live and telling you what I’m doing as I go along.

I know this method works because this I how I built my own massive, seemingly “memorized” repertoire when I was playing background music 4 hours a night, 5 nights a week when I first started playing harp as an adult beginner (it’s also how I started developing many of the original pieces I eventually expanded for symphony, or turned into my solo show – but that’s another story).  I say they’re ‘seemingly memorized’ because I’m actually terrible at memorizing, but the DHC Method shows you how to generate new arrangements over and over – different each time – using the formula and applying it to any piece you want to play.

So … “Hip Harp Toolkit” teaches you how to use these two elements to develop your repertoire and your creative expression.  It  starts Sept. 24th BUT TODAY, SUN. SEPT. 15th I’ll be ONLINE sharing the Blueprint at 4:30 pm EDT — and actually applying the method over and over again to tunes on Facebook live starting around 11AM.

So how did Shelley make this challenge?

Shelley knows all about “Hip Harp Toolkit because it’s the first class she ever took with me, and one of the reasons she created the “Start Harp” online school was to prepare beginner-to-intermediate harp players to develop the technical skills to be able to really take advantage of what they learn in Hip Harp Toolkit.

So … Shelley and I were talking about our upcoming classes yesterday and she said,

“What if you had to actually prove the DHC method works? How could people actually SEE it in action?” and I said …

“Well, I’d just sit down for a marathon Facebook session, with pile of tunes from the class and I’d play arrangement after arrangement, improvising each one – based on the blueprint –  and telling people exactly how I was doing it.”

And she said: “Then I challenge you to do EXACTLY THAT!”

SO THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING!!!  Starting around Noon on Facebook Live here. So if you see typos or run-on sentences in this post (both of which I love, by the way) or missing links or sentences half-finished – it’s all because I’m rushing to get out of my PJ’s and get ready for the Facebook Live.

Join me at the Facebook Live mini Marathon Arrange-a-thon or at the FREE Webinar … or both!

Or just join me for Hip Harp Toolkit and get it all!

See you soon!

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