The Letter

A Cabaret Musical

Books, Lyrics & Music by Deborah Henson-Conant

In 1840, Robert Schumann wrote the song cycle “Frauenliebe und Leben” (A Woman’s Life And Love) – a woman tells the story of first meeting her love, through their marriage, to his death. “The Letter” is a modern-day version of Schumann’s classic. This time the woman is a nightclub singer. The man is a married businessman. And the outcome is significantly different.

Overview (PDF)  – Synopsis, List of Musical Numbers, Instrumentation, etc.

Musical Selections from “The Letter”

Archival Recordings: Vocals – Deborah Henson-Conant  /   Piano: Gunnar Madsen

Same Old Story –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

William/The Letter  –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

How Is Your Wife? –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

Anticipation Tango  –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

Maybe Someday  –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

Where Did all the Lonely Nights Go, Darling?  –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

Set Sketches –  Sketch

Do I Love You? (no MP3 or Lyrics)  –  Lyrics   –   Piano/Vocal Score   –   MP3

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