I’m not waiting for a New Year’s Resolution. I have ONE BIG HONKIN’ resolution for 2022 and that’s to share “The Golden Cage” with the world. It’s my original musical that’s opening off-broadway in April, being filmed in May and will be offered up to “Streaming Musicals” by the Fall.

 We Have a Trailer!

Tuesday I got together with my Boston-area production team (aka Tim Maurice and me) and I said “Hey, could we make a TRAILER in 24 hours?” Mind you, there’s no video footage of the show yet, no sound track – we started with a harp and a feather – literally.  And we had sooooo much fun creating our first “Golden Cage” trailer – you can see the first draft here.

My New Job: Fundraiser

Since we need $130K in order to complete this whole project, I have a new job:  fundraising – which means I get to call people, tell them about the show and see what they’re up to in their lives, so that’s immensely fun (And we’ve raised $22K! THANK YOU everyone!!).

So I was on the phone yesterday, having all these fascinating conversations with donors. And last night, after about 10 minutes with my friend Rebekah, she said, “This is great! I had no idea about all of this. Could you make a video for my husband and tell him everything you just told me?” 

So I did! I sat down and made them a video. And I thought you might enjoy seeing it:

 in the Meanwhile – over the weekend I created another 30 personal video thank you’s for all the donations that came in last week — and I had SOOOO much fun doing it – that …

Yes, I’m doing it again!  Singing Thank You Videos! 

Just for fun, I made personalized singing thank you videos for all the people who donated in the first 5 days.  I got such a wonderful response that I offered the videos as a premium for folks who donated $100 by Dec. 25th.

Well, that went so well that I’m doing it again!  Donate $250 or more by Jan 8, 2022 and I’ll create a personalized mini-video for YOU – make it $500 and my cat will jump through a hoop (I’m not joking!) — and yes, I create each one individually just for you.

If you’re keeping track, then YES I am upping the ante on the donation level for these videos and I LOVE making them for you!  I’ve made nearly 50 so far and I really want to make one for YOU!

Donations are tax deductible when you donate through our Fiscal sponsor, “Fractured Atlas”.

Below is a little snippet of what the “Personal Mini-Video Singing Thank You’s” look like. On the left is how they look in the Private Vault of my YouTube Channel before I send them out – each is under 2 minutes long and I make each one separately. On the right are some of the wonderful comments I got from people I sent them to.

Some of the lovely comments I got for the very first set of “Personal Mini-Video Singing Thank You’s” I created last weekend.


‘Wow, you truly know how to make someone feel good! So happy to be part of the project!’

I’ve never gotten a singing video “thank you” before. It made my day and it’s only 6:30 in the morning!’

‘Loved the thank you video, it was so you!

‘We’ve just gone into lockdown again – and your video was such a heartwarming start of the day’

Ready for a MAJOR ROLE?

If you want to take a MAJOR ROLE in this adventure, join me at the major donor level and become …. a producer!  Yup… YOU! That means that when the credits roll, your name is right there on the screen!  And every time I pay an actor, musician, designer or director – that’s possible because of YOU.

To learn more about major donations – and how to claim your producer credit, get more info here at the “Golden Cage” donations info – or just reach out to me personally.  I’ll be talking more about this in the weeks ahead – but if you’re interested, let’s have a one-on-one conversation about it.

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