"The Golden Cage" in CONCERT 
New York City •  Nov 30!

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A story about waiting 

The first time I did it, it was easy

I was a beginner with a powerful vision, a mouth full of music and a cast of friends. We made the costumes, we built the set, we sold the tickets, an audience came – and they loved it.

We had acheived a SHOW!

But it didn’t ‘go’ anywhere.

I wanted my first show to go everywhere, to be discovered, to pave my way to Broadway. I wanted to be Moss Hart, George Gershwin, Steven Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein all rolled into one.

But instead …

The show sat tight – and my life raced off.

To make money for that show I’d started playing harp. Logical, right?

But the harp was like an outboard motor that slammed my life into wave after wave of adventure. No complaints, but it was like everything else in the world happened for me – tours, albums, TEDx, Grammy Nomination. Sometimes it seemed like I’d NEVER get back to that show.

And then suddenly the scene changed.

Just when I thought I should give it all up, a curtain opened. The show was chosen for a NYC Theater Series, so April 20-24, “The Golden Cage” is alive Off-Broadway (Tix & info: GoldenCageMusical.com)

And the weird thing is … it’s the perfect time for this show to happen. It’s about isolation and illusion and the power of human connection to set us free.

So all those years, it turns out this show was just waiting for the perfect moment.

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