"The Golden Cage" in CONCERT 
New York City •  Nov 30!

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Why is Alphea stuck in a CAGE?

We all get stuck but what if it turned from a feeling into actual reality?

There are times when Home-Sweet-Home can feel like a prison.

Maybe you’ve experienced that, yourself?

But for Alphea, a grumpy, reclusive Diva, it’s literally true. The walls of her cozy home are actually made of cement and iron – she can see it and feel it. She’s in an impenetrable cage.

The thing is … it looks completely different from the outside.

From outside, Alphea’s charming, cluttered home, looks like a glittering Golden Cage, perched 500,000 feet in the air on the edge of a sheer granite cliff. And when Boris, an adventurous Bird-Man, lands on that cliff, that’s exactly how he sees it.

Boris is on a life-long quest to find the legendary “Golden Cage” and Alphea’s home looks exactly like the old legends described it.

He’s finally found it after all these years!

There’s just one niggling little detail: the legends say nothing about a grumpy, reclusive Diva IN the cage.

So why is she IN there?

To learn the full secret, come see “The Golden Cage” running at “Theatre Row (Theatre Four)” Off-Broadway from April 20-24. TIX & INFO: GoldenCageMusical.com

And while you wait for opening night, think about this: Where are you caged in?

We all struggle with things that others find easy, we all find it mystifying when someone else is tangled up, unable to do something that’s natural for us.

So now, ask yourself this:

What would it look like to be on the other side of those walls?

BE PART of this MAGIC! Donate now or buy tix for “The Golden Cage” Apr 20 – 24 in NYC – at GoldenCageMusical.com. Got friends in NYC? Let them know!


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