"The Golden Cage" in CONCERT 
New York City •  Nov 30!

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The elaborate traps we lay for ourselves.

In my new musical ‘The Golden Cage’, the mythical Bird-man, Boris, has spent his whole life searching for the legendary “Golden Cage”.

But why would a bird search for a cage?

We all search for things that could end up trapping us. The hunger can be passed down from parents, grandparents, books, movies, society. For Boris, it was a nightly ritual to hear stories of the magical cage.

My father sang the tales to me every night when I was small:

Of those who left to find The Cage, returned in shame … or not at all
And snug inside our little nest, my mind inflamed with Cage and Quest,
I swore I’d be the one to prove the myth was true! That I would find:
The Golden Cage! The sweet, elusive glory of a place where you belong.
The greatest test, a sacred quest! The hallowed ground –
Where all the life you’ve lost … is found.
The Golden Cage!

For Boris, the cage symbolizes success and security.

When Boris finally finds the cage, it’s not at all what he expected. For one thing, there’s already someone else inside it — and she says the cage is a prison made of cement and iron.

But that’s not how Boris sees it – and he’ll do anything to get in the cage – even murder.

So, what happens when he finally gets inside?

BE PART of this MAGIC! Donate now or buy tix for “The Golden Cage” Apr 20 – 24 in NYC – at GoldenCageMusical.com. Got friends in NYC? Let them know!


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