"The Golden Cage" in CONCERT 
New York City •  Nov 30!

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A story can help you see what you’re going thru in your life – and what might come next.

Has a story ever kept running in your mind because it seems to have something important to tell you?

“The Golden Cage” is one of those stories for me.

It’s about a Bird-man who’s questing to find a legendary cage, and the grumpy, reclusive Diva who lives in that cage. To Boris, the Bird-man the cage is a glorious symbol of personal achievement. To Alphea, stuck inside it, it’s a prison.

Each has a point of view they’re so trapped in that it’s literally become a cage. But one is trapped inside it – and the other outside.

That story is now a musical, I wrote the book, lyrics and music, Opening Night is April 20th in NYC’s Theatre Row – and I SOOOO want you to be there!

Because here’s the spooky thing: This show is really a secret map of my inner life.

When I’m struggling with something I’m scared to complete, I realize, “On no! I’m Alphea, at that moment with the trumpet!!” When I’ve just bulldozed myself into a stupid situation, I think, “Nooooo! I’m Boris putting back the bars! How could I be so stupid??”

The good thing is: I know there’s a happy ending.

Come see, “The Golden Cage” April 20-24. it’s funny, whimsical, musical and embarrassingly true to my own life. Then let me know what part of the story YOU’RE living right now. Tix & Info: GoldenCageMusical.com

And here’s a fun fact: the drawing above was my own drawing of the play I made way early on in the process and when we did the first workshop productions, years ago, this was the poster.


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