It’s OPENING NIGHT of “The Golden Cage” in NYC!

I thought this day would never come. And now the show is just a few hours away.

“The Golden Cage” OPENING NIGHT is SOLD OUT! YAAAY! And there are 4 more shows April 21-24 so tell your friends in NYC, and if you can get here – come see it!  I’ll be at every one of them so happy to see you. If you can’t come, you can still be part of the project by donating to the next step: the video!

Here’s what last night’s audience said:

“Fanciful, profound, magical and filled with gorgeous, surprising, lyrical music.” GLORIA HODES (New York City)

“Deborah Henson-Conant’s ‘The Golden Cage’ mythical musical comedy has it all: a great cast, a compelling story, soaring voices, and a plot that speaks to anyone who has ever wondered if they have somehow settled for less than they hoped for in life. Go see it!” REBEKAH SIMON-PETER (Caspar, Wyoming)

Director Rebecca Miller Kratzer created this production as a new fairytale – one in which we discover how we’ve trapped ourselves in isolation or ambition – longing to be on the other side of something – and incapable of finding our way out – or in – alone. Sitting in the audience, you can feel how everything – the costumes, direction, lighting and projections – all bring that sense of fairy tale alive – as the actors Christopher Isolano and Maddie Allen bring the humanity of the characters to life.

Here’s what ELSE last night’s audience said:

“I’m in New York City for Deborah Henson-Conant’s new musical “The Golden Cage” and got to attend the invited dress rehearsal last night and – Wow!

The music and lyrics are intricate, funny and smart, the story is deceptively sophisticated, working on many levels from what seems like a simple fable to inspirational commentary on isolation, friendship, and trust.

The two actors – Christopher Isolano and Maddie Allen – are brilliant! There will be five performances starting tonight through Sunday. If you are in or near New York, or know anyone who is, see it!” NANCY LAMELL (Santa Monica, CA)

And yet more from the audience:

“‘The Golden Cage’ is a magical, captivating story that causes you to reflect on perception versus reality, with laugh-out-loud humor and superb performances from rising actors Christopher Isolano and Maddie Allen” ” CLAIRE & RICK SHARP (Medford, Oregon)

“What a revelation! I didn’t know quite what to expect from “The Golden Cage” but now I want to see it again. It entertained me, challenged me, and enthralled me. It’s made me think about the cages I’ve built for myself over the years to consider how I can escape. But it did this all in a way that isn’t formulaic or preachy.

You can watch this show on so many levels, from pure entertainment and spectacle: Bird-People! Flying! – to a deep psychological study of the limitations we – and society – create in our lives, or how relationships affect and change us.

The most amazing thing is that this show will appeal to a wide range of ages. That’s really hard to do – young viewers will see the beautiful colors and feathers and movement, a bit older and you’ll think “oh yeah, I dated somebody like that,” and a few years after that you’ll start to think about the path your life has taken and how you got to where you are now.

All the while you’ll enjoy wonderful storytelling, beautiful music and inspired acting supported by the creative elements – sets, costumes, lighting, projections – that enhance the story even more. If you can get here during this very short run do it!” BETSY SCOTT CHAPMAN (Bechtelsville, PA)

This has been a dream of mine for years.

Come take the leap of believing with me and … 




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