"The Golden Cage" in CONCERT 
New York City •  Nov 30!

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At the heart of the story is a life question: Is life about finding SECURITY or finding FREEDOM?

That question becomes a magical cage

– and each character longs to be on the OTHER side of the bars from where they are – because no matter which side they’re on, they’re isolated and lost.

The story is all about finding the REAL key to freedom AND  connection.

This is the very first song I wrote.

The one that created the world of the play for me.  Now that world is coming alive on stage in NYC with an amazing team of actors, directors and designers.

Ready for a quick video preview from my new musical?

In the video below you will hear the song “Here I Am” from “The Golden Cage” which is sung by the two main characters Alphea and Boris in the show. Here are the words.

Here I am in my Golden Cage – growing thin, growing pale
There YOU are on the OUTSIDE – looking in!

Here I am at your palace gate, in a state of despair.
There YOU are on the INSIDE – looking out!

There on the (In/Out)-side – I would stand. All that glitters in my hand.

Enjoy the video preview.

*Opening night less than 10 days away!*

*GOT FRIENDS IN NYC?* Tell them about the show! Or buy tix for them. www.GoldenCageMusical.com

‘The Golden Cage’ runs April 20-24 at Theatre Row on 42nd Street in NYC.


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