Future Now 

From Sara Arey sharing about ‘The Golden Cage’ in NYC

I met Deborah 10 years ago at a conference led by a business coach.

I sat next to her during one of the sessions and was struck by her creativity and enthusiasm for life. Several months later, after having joined the coaching program, we were told to find an accountability partner. I sent up a quick prayer to the Universe for a kickass partner.

A few minutes later, Deborah walked by saying that she was looking for a partner. I quickly responded, “Not any more. I’m it.”

For over 5 years we had weekly calls, sharing our celebrations and struggles, talking through ideas, and encouraging each other.

We also used an exercise Deborah came up with and called Future Now.

With Future Now, we envisioned a future event and talked about it as though it was happening in the present.

Many, many times we talked about The Golden Cage opening in New York, and me being there and celebrating with her.

In March 2022, I was in NYC and was walking in the area around Time Square.

It’d been quite a while since Deborah and I had talked, but I felt compelled to call her and tell her that I was still envisioning the opening of The Golden Cage and being there to celebrate with her.

When she responded, “Oh great! Are you coming?”

I was shocked. I didn’t know that she’d gotten that far and that it was actually scheduled to open a month later!

How could I resist?? I called a dear friend, Lori, who also knows Deborah, and I was able to get us front row seats on opening night.

I’m so glad I was there. First of all, I loved the show. The music and actors were fabulous. The themes are universal – fears and dreams that everyone can relate to. I loved the show itself.

Above and beyond that, I was elated to share the opening night with DHC, just as we’d envisioned so very many times.

My work is all about helping women access their inner power and create a luscious life they love.

I’ve watched DHC over the years as she did just that.

Getting to share the moment of her dreams coming true was a dream come true for me.

Visit Sara Arey’s Website at www.RefutureYourLife.com


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