I admit: have never made a soufflé. I am not a good cook. I am founder and curator of The Burnt Food Museum (http://www.BurntFoodMuseum.com.)

But I understand that cooking is a metaphor for life.

Each day is like a recipe and the order in which you do things can influence the flavor and the effect each ingredient and step has on the others.

Hot Apple Cinder (Free-Standing / Burnt Hot Apple Cider) from the Burnt Food MuseumSo, theoretically, you could create a recipe for your day, follow it, and enjoy the flavor of the results.

Just the meal you meant to make.

But, like in cooking – mine, for example – the recipe doesn’t always flow. You suddenly have an idea, something you impulsively decide to add – or you get distracted and pots on the back burner char, or never get turned on, and then you improvise – and the meal is something completely different than you planned.

Each day is a new soufflé.

(NOTE: Yes, I know this picture is not of a soufflé but I think it may be as close as I’ve ever gotten.)

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