When you look at the orchestra the harpist is in the BACK, right?  Well, I’m out to change that and I’m inviting YOU to be part of it.

When I started playing the harp in my early 20’s all I could find to play was tinkly music – but I I’m a composer as well as a harpist  — I made a commitment to create the passionate exciting music for the harp that I wanted to play. Music that would bring the harp out from the background and put it front and center. And that’s how I created my own career, I got to tour the world, play my own music with major symphony orchestras, and got a Grammy Nomination – even got to be part of inventing a new harp.

Now I’m in a position to put that powerful, expressive music I created that built my own career into the hands of other harpists who want to step out of the background.

That’s why I’m now publishing all the music I’ve created – one piece at a time. And a TEAM of harp players is helping me do that.  

For the last 6 months I worked with this small team – Verena Jochum, Sally Walstrum, Heleen Vandeputte, Jason McKinney, Tammy Halun and Mary Robinson – to prepare just ONE of these pieces –  a piece called “Merceditas.”

Now I’m inviting YOU to EXPAND that team by being one of the first harp players to PLAY this piece.  

Join the “Merceditas” First Players Project and share a TINY VIDEO of any small part of the piece with me by midnight Aug. 22, 2022.

Til 3 weeks ago, the only way to play Merceditas was if you had a PEDAL HARP and  SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

We’ve just published two versions: SOLO Pedal Harp and SOLO Lever Harp and I’m inviting every harpist who wants to step out of the BACKGROUND of their life to be one of the first players of this piece and to send me a tiny video of just one little part of the piece you can play so I can see the first moments of this piece coming alive in your hands.

It can be the first 2 simple measures – it can be the cadenza – OR WHATEVER SMALL part is easy and fun for YOU to play – just 15 – 30 seconds at any speed, at any level.

I’m not trying to make a complex compilation I just want to see those first moments of those notes coming alive in your hands – and I’ll put them all together in a totally random order so we’ll just hear pieces of the piece popping up, some slow, some fast. 

It’s all about connection – not perfection.

If you’re ready to join me, just jump right in! If you want to know more …. read on!

This project is called “The First 50 Players”. In fact, more than 50 people quickly signed up – so we opened it up to any harpist who wants to join by Aug. 22 because I want to make sure I get AT LEAST 50 tiny videos I can create a celebration video with.

The full piece is for Intermediate to Advanced players but there are sections of it that can be played by ANY player.

Here’s how it works:  When you join me, you sign up – then download the piece – and you pay whatever price works for you –  find just one part you love – that’s easy for YOU to play — and create a video 15 – 30 seconds long. Then you get that to me – there’s a bunch of ways to do that and we’ll tell you what they are before the deadline.  

And that’s it. You’ll be part of this piece’s entree into the world!

SO … Do you know a harp player who is daring to step out of the background? Is that you? Join me in the MERCEDITAS “FIRST PLAYERS PROJECT”.

I can’t wait to see this music come alive in YOUR hands.

Harpists who Dare!

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the notes on the page?

$500 OFF when you join before Midnight Oct. 23, 2023



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